[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 235 --( War of the Rosas ---Hagar was there. ).

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Nov 3 19:12:16 EST 2005

> as soon as they heard my  Victor Borge  lingo. --Then
> they knew I was not part of the white scum down there.>

  Thank you for that "racist" remark.

Hagar sez :   Loren lez zee if I can say it differently   ---I  am NO Racist. or Anti

The call to War was coming from   the Governor of  Michigan   --that was one smart
military salute of hers at the Rosa funeral.---and I answered the call.---Remember I am an
OLD war-horse .And when the bugle sounds ?   watch my ears.

I  watched the whole deal on TV   ----and the high points for me was  ---the rotunda and
Bush being there to pay his respects.
The first war of the Roses lasted about a hundred years ---and I suspect the war of the
Rosas   -will last about that.---BUT with one great difference  --Ja ?   there will be TWO
winners  ---the Black Rosas and the WHITE Rosas.  --- That sentiment is what makes me
ay  --"There is Hope"  -- time and again.

Now for Diesel content ?   Ja ?   stay tuned. -------" Hope "   for diesels ?  bet your
butts.   When the big team of scientists in Denmark are finished  ---removing particulate
from the tailpipes ?  --the diesel will be the cleanest thing in the world . And I am sure
that diesel cars will spread like wildfire. ---I predict a Diesel VW Hybrid  (diesel
electric) designed in Germany and made in China.
Why so much progress made in Denmark ???   --the power of the Viking Maidens.---they were
told that their kids on the way to school was killed by breathing Diesel exhaust.--- that
did it -- read my lips.   Nobody I know over here knows the POWER of those Maidens like I
do. --They had all cars banned from Copenhagen  for certain times. --Try that one in
LosAngeles or the big Apple. The Monark of the place is a Maiden.----those women dictates
a LOT of Laws there.And TV programming.  --Last time I was there the State TV desided to
cansel " Dallas " for being too expensive  --- Some of them said you lived in Texas  --is
it really like that in Texas ?  ---my answer ?   was absolutely ---I am NOT totally
stupid. (I did not dare to say I never watched the program)

Hagar .

PS : scum is scum   white black or yellow---- IMHO.

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