[Vwdiesel] Fuel 101 --- ( the MICROBES ---nasty little crittters )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Nov 4 15:13:25 EST 2005

--But would it work in OIL ?  -----It
sure does ---more on my proof later. ( first hand stuff ). ----this is later.

. ---I am curious about James Hansen ---I
know for a fact that he run in to the bag trick way way back---BUT did the
bags have the
Cobalt Crystals ?



Yes, that's what it used, and that's how you tell if the stuff needs
re-dessication.  You're SUPPOSED to buy a new cartridge, but it's easy
enough to dump, bake, refill.
Last one I had was in a cat up north, but the truckers here use them too.
It would really suck to have the plastic cartridge break and spill the
beans... the plug everything up potential is pretty high.

I Hagar had never heard about dieselfuel being dried by using Silica-Gel  before James
Hansen mentioned it---BUT I did have a guy come in here with a very BIG   back hoe ---and
his Hydraulic fluid was like MILK.

We drained and refilled his system ---after he left  I took a big Lab beaker filled it and
dumped in some Purple  Silica-Gel  (a donation from a BIG corporation)----oil turned clear
overnight --proof positive it does work in Oil. --- Right now I am asking for another
donation. ---I have about 1000 litres of very wet old , very old Furnace oil and
dieselfuel  --to recondition---at 1.16 dollar Kanadian per litre ?   NOTHING will stop me.
And it will ALL get a Flu shot.  --Biobor -JF.  count on it.

Just think ?  --what the hell can you do with OLD GASOLINE ?  --nothing I ever heard
of. -- BUT   diesel never gets too old.


PS :   to dewater ?  I use tall winebottles and decanter the stuff.----a LOT of stuff
falls to the bottom.

and yes I used to get FREE   Biobor   from  Bulk plant   --but then the Greenies stopped
all handling of  stuff with -----cides in the name. --- IMHO    it was getting out of
hand.---so in a sense they were on the right Course.---Remember DDT ?  ---I do.

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