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Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Fri Nov 4 21:03:18 EST 2005


For the sensor o-ring, do you mean the copper washer? Mine all have those, and 
they seem to last forever. Or are speaking of the later model plastic sensors? I had 
those on my WBX Vanagon - I'll take the early style ones anyday! Also, my coolant 
flange to head doesn't seem to have an o-ring, nor a place for one that I can recall. 
I'll have to look again, since my TD used a flat gasket from the kit, and it's leaking. 

On 4 Nov 2005 at 18:53, Val Christian <val at mongobird.com> wrote:

> I'd suggest just buying a new one.  They all fail after some number of 
> thermal cycles.  Be sure to get the o-ring to mount it to the block, and
> the two o-rings for the sensors.  I keep spares of all the o-rings.
> I was coming back from a basketball game in Buffalo one time, and the
> o-ring blew.  The failure is crippling.  It turned out that I had some 
> athletic tape on hand.  I made an o-ring, and got some water, and limped
> home, with the pressure cap loose.  Not a good time.  Since then, I keep
> the o-rings.  The sensor ones are 19mm or 3/4", and once you have one 
> from VW, you can get a close match at your car parts place.  A cheap 
> $0.19 spare for the glovebox.
> (At home, I keep one spare thermostat o-ring, two flange o-rings, and
> a bag of five sensor o-rings.  In the car, I keep a sensor o-ring,
> and larger tiewraps, and athletic tape (learned that one by luck)).
> Val
> > 
> > I just broke my coolant flange trying to force it off some rusted
> > studs. This is the one that goes into the head and has two temp sensors
> > (one for temp gauge, one for glow plug timing). It was an '82 NA
> > engine. If anyone has one they'd be willing to sell me, I'd really
> > appreciate it.
> > 
> > Thanks
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