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Val Christian val at mongobird.com
Sat Nov 5 07:45:07 EST 2005

Remember that in the winter, the filter is cold.  And the fuel comes from
an in-ground tank, where it's warmer.  It cools in the vehicle tank, 
and the filter may stay cold for weeks, accumulating ice, and ergo, 
wax.  So the effect can be cumulative.  One advantage of above-ground
fuel farms.

Also, I believe that some fuels have additives which have an effect of 
the water sat point. 


> Actually, (I didn't look up the numbers, but trust me) it's true.  H2O will
> imbed within the molecules of diesel fuel, to a degree. 
>   I didn't doubt a tad bit could/would be in there but enough to plug a 
> filter?
> (This IS a VW car forum) so my reference would pertain to that context.  
> At less than 100pm @ 30C (86F) I believe that works out to 
> 1/1000%.
>   Ok, that's still more than I thought it would be!  Works out to a potential 
> of a little over 2 tablespoons for a full tank of Rabbit fuel, using "Mark's" 
> numbers.  But that would be at 30C and most fuel is stored below 
> ground, which would give a lot lower figure.  The relationship seems fairly 
> linear to temp so ground temp would be about 10C roughly (50F).  That 
> would drop the number to 12ppm vs the 100ppm I was using.  Make it 
> simple and round to 10ppm and we make it 1/10,000% which brings us 
> down to 1/4 tablespoon in a full tank, IF it's all dropped out at one time.  
> Notenough to plug a filter IMO.  
>   It does help explain the algae problem when you get to a humid environment 
> that has temperature swings below dewpoint, on a regular basis though.
>   Interesting topic!
>      Loren
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