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Tue Nov 8 09:10:57 EST 2005

 All the crap builds up in the exhaust system from driving gently. WOT with accompanying heat and increased velocity dislodges this swarf & out the pipe it goes. This we used to call a Texas Tune Up.
Bob in the Entire State

> all  times but it only builds up at 'steady state'...

    For most vehicles, steady state is a reduced power setting, which
    translates to a reduced injection rate.

The muffler and tail pipes build up with particulates heavy enough to stick
at less than WOT running.

Run more throttle, the amount and velocity of exhaust gases increases,
dislodging the stuck carbon.

>     My theory is that the hard drivin' stomps off the gunk
>     on the injectors. Doesn't happen with brandnew injectors
>     until they have 5 or 10K on them. Doesn't happen as much
>     with newer injectors with conditioner in the fuel.

Buildup in the exhaust system, the injectors are too small to hold much.
New injectors have better spray patterns, better burn, more power, you floor
it more to enjoy the newfound acceleration.... keeps the crud from building

The Italian tuneup before opacity tests is an old accepted method of
removing loose-ish particulates from the exhaust system prior to the

You should follow the Passat when I drive it after my wife has been driving
it for a month. :-o

Nothing short of spectacular.
Then it's gone.

I never seem to have this happen on mine... can't for the life of me figure
out why...

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