[Vwdiesel] Cracked Injector housing / Hard start

Val Christian val at mongobird.com
Mon Nov 14 09:57:49 EST 2005


Working on a non-VW diesel Sunday, I found an engine which didn't turn over 
very well.  It would stall out, while cranking.

First, I found a cracked case for the injector (a one-banger).  Replaced the 
injector, and idle operations worked better.

Next, on the starting problem, I checked the battery.  OK.  Checked the charger,
OK.  Checked the starting current with an inductive meter.  73 amps when
cranking.  >200 amps (off scale) when stalled.  I don't know why it's stalling.

The engine is relatively new.  The oil is at the right level, and looks OK
for the few hours on this oil change.  There is a compression release, but
that appears to be OK, and was not used for starting.  I'm still gathering
data.  Not knowing better, this looks like a hydraulic lock, which of course
it probably isn't.  

Weekends are becoming fix fests, and they are not particularily satisfying.
I'm still wrestling with the wheel bearing problem I've written about.
I had a (non diesel) minivan with a thermostat failure.  Found the thermostat
failed due to metal fatigue, and was in parts and pieces in the V-6 
engine.  I think I got all the parts out.  In the far removed from topic 
category, I found that a tile shower has a membrane failure (the lead
foil pan), which has resulted in a chuck of drywall being removed from my
kitchen ceiling.  (Significant other is REAL pleased with that.)
Every weekend it's at least two major repairs of something.  I need to 
retire, take my 91NA, and go fishing.

Any ideas on the starting problem, fire away.


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