[Vwdiesel] Cracked Injector housing / Hard start

Val Christian val at mongobird.com
Mon Nov 14 14:28:05 EST 2005


It runs, and develops a normal ammount of power.  With the cracked injector
caseing, it ran with isolated sputters.

10hp nominal, air cooled.  The static injection is OK, or I wouldn't get
the HP out of it.  Don't know about dynamic timing.

Believe it or not, the compression release starting is a real pain,
as I have to take the cabinet panels off.  I'll give that a try, but it 
may not be for a couple of days.

With the injector out, it spins freely.  My guess is that the ring gear is
OK.   I can try that if i get the injector out again.
I listened to the intake while I was turning it over by hand, and didn't
feel any binding.  Next time I can sue the starter also.

[The truth be known, I was spinning it over by hand looking for one of 
the cabinet screws.  I eventually found it, when I dropped my magnetic 
pickup into a corner (on the floor), long after giving up.  L
ooking for 50 minutes for 
the part you just took off takes some of the fun out of fixing things,
and makes one look like an idiot, at least to one's self.  I really
didn't want to start it up only to find that the missing screw had
bounced its way into the intake manifold area...don't need more fixin']

The fix fest is not stopping.  I haven't ever fished, I go flying.  But
with my luck, I'd have to fix something to do that.  Easier to sit on 
a park bench for an afternoon.  Flying might be more fun, though.


ps: Perhaps I should take up hunting.  The best deer come when one is 
sleeping at the favorite tree.  Don't have time to hunt though, to many
broke things.

> You didn't say if it runs or not, and how big?
> Timing of injection pulse is early?
> Try starting with the CR on and see if the firing time is audibly wrong,
> sort of like ether lock..
> Pull the injectors and see if it spins over freely- bad bearing could be a
> suspect and that would indicate a bad spot on the ring gear too... where
> drag increases with load.
> Weekends aren't supposed to be fix fests?
> Hmmm. What am I missing?
> :-)
> -James (hasn't been fishing in years)
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> Gang,
> Working on a non-VW diesel Sunday, I found an engine which didn't turn over
> very well.  It would stall out, while cranking.
> First, I found a cracked case for the injector (a one-banger).  Replaced the
> injector, and idle operations worked better.
> Next, on the starting problem, I checked the battery.  OK.  Checked the
> charger,
> OK.  Checked the starting current with an inductive meter.  73 amps when
> cranking.  >200 amps (off scale) when stalled.  I don't know why it's
> stalling.
> The engine is relatively new.  The oil is at the right level, and looks OK
> for the few hours on this oil change.  There is a compression release, but
> that appears to be OK, and was not used for starting.  I'm still gathering
> data.  Not knowing better, this looks like a hydraulic lock, which of course
> it probably isn't.
> Weekends are becoming fix fests, and they are not particularily satisfying.
> I'm still wrestling with the wheel bearing problem I've written about.
> I had a (non diesel) minivan with a thermostat failure.  Found the
> thermostat
> failed due to metal fatigue, and was in parts and pieces in the V-6
> engine.  I think I got all the parts out.  In the far removed from topic
> category, I found that a tile shower has a membrane failure (the lead
> foil pan), which has resulted in a chuck of drywall being removed from my
> kitchen ceiling.  (Significant other is REAL pleased with that.)
> Every weekend it's at least two major repairs of something.  I need to
> retire, take my 91NA, and go fishing.
> Any ideas on the starting problem, fire away.
> Val
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