[Vwdiesel] OT just use the delete key

S Boser java at xprt.net
Fri Nov 18 19:21:51 EST 2005

Hi All

After the response I got from my last post, I decided to follow Hagars advice and search the archives, so I haven't spent much time here in the real world, that was unfortunate for a good friend and a fellow VW diesel owner. 
Please let me explain.
 My friend owns a VW Rabbit, its been good to him, but mileage started to drop and repairs were piling up. He decided it was time to rebuild the car, regardless of cost he knew he couldn't replace it with anything currently in production or probably within his budget, so he pulled the engine and transaxle, while they were being rebuilt he had the alternator and starter rebuilt, he reworked the frontend and basically from a mechanical stand-point built a new car.
We talked about not being able to buy what he would he would have when it was completed, I knew just where he was at, when you have the big picture in your head you can't get your friends and family to see. So I thought support from a larger group than I would be a good thing for him. 
What did I do? 
I gave him a link to this group, I am sure each and every one of you understand that rebuilding an older diesel rabbit makes perfect sense and being able to have intellegent discussions about how to best rebuild that rabbit would be encouraging.
A few days later, he asked me, how I thought this group might help him, so since I hadn't been monitoring my recent daily listings I thought I check. I apologized to him. And personally I'm embaressed.
To all of you that think "Using the delete key is an alternative", think about my friend that had never been on this list before, how is he going to know that Hagar wants to make this his personal forum? I don't know if my friend is still subscribed to the list, if he is I'm really sorry Don, as what I have found here is a lot of valuable information from a large group of truely great guys. I guess I should have gotten up to date before I raved about how great this group is, but I didn't think I really had too.
It doesn't appear this list is moderated, it should be, I'd do it if everyone wanted it, If I were King the first rule would be three off topic posts in 30 days and your off the list. Its ok to flame me now, I plan on going back to the archives shortly anyway.

Thanks Steve

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