[Vwdiesel] HVAC panel light

Val Christian val at mongobird.com
Sat Nov 19 08:42:56 EST 2005

> My light on my 91 Jetta TD went out that light up the HVAC controls. I got
> it all apart and the bulb is bad. The dealer wants $60 for the whole panel.
> I was able to just get the bulb and the small housing it is in out.  Anyone
> know of another source for a bulb? It's not something serious but would be
> nice to have a light again. Also in the process of opening it up the clear
> plastic piece that the light illuminates broke on me. Do you think gluing it
> back together will effect the light at all?
> Thanks,
> Nick

I'm trying to think what part of my 91 you're talking about.

I'll assume that you need a small 12 V "grain of wheat bulb".  Measure 
the dimensions of the bulb.  See if you can get a current flow
for one of the other bulbs.  Then try to find a couple of bulbs
which come close.  I use some hardcopy GE bulb catalogs, but you can
look on the web as well.

The electronics junk dealer, All Electronics, has their catalog 
online, and may carry something you can use.

If you're really enterprizing, you could use a white or green LED, but
you'll have problems controlling the light level with your dimmer.

You want to match the bulb size, the current, and probably look for a
voltage like 14 to 18 volts.  A higher rated voltage bulb will have
a much longer life.  (There's really a trade between voltage rating 
and bulb life.  Kinda like the dim indicator light vs. the flashbulb.)

You might also check electronics outfits like Digikey, which will probably
also have their catalog online.  Good luck.

On the plastic...if you're talking about a piece of lucite or similar
clear plastic, which conducts the light, then yes, you can glue it.
Theoretically less light will be transmitted through the glueline, 
but that is not of practical concern.  Part alignment is a bigger


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