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2 cents from Detroit Diesel.  
  The bulletin is 31 pages and has extraneous info but it provides an excellent basis.  Hope it helps
  Retired Marine Engineer
  PS:  I just operate one car diesel now.  
  The intent of this bulletin is to provide the requirements, directions and information required to
  ensure cooling system protection for Detroit Diesel engines. These recommendations are general
  rules and reflect years of experience, technology research, and product development. Specific
  concerns not covered by this publication should be addressed to your local Detroit Diesel
  The coolant used in Detroit Diesel engines must meet the following basic requirements:
  n Provide an adequate heat transfer medium.
  n Protect against cavitation damage to both cylinder liners and water pumps.
  n Provide a corrosion/erosion-resistant environment.
  n Prevent formation of scale or sludge deposits.
  n Be compatible with cooling system hose and seal materials.
  n Provide adequate freeze protection.

Gerry Wolfe <gjwolfe at telus.net> wrote:
  Certainly not an expert, but my $0.02Cdn:
- Flushing every couple of years gets rid of accumulated crud;
- What about long-term electrolytic breakdown?

Sorta like my feelings on using quality dyno oil with frequent changes 
instead of longterm synth oils.

rgds to all, g.

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>I just went back with regular Prestone antifreeze in my 91 TD Jetta. I did
> the 50/50 mix. The winters here in NC don't get to cold for very long and
> I'm under the impression that the higher concentration of water in the
> coolant the better cooling properties.
> Nick
> Gang,
> I'm wondering what the current thinking is relative to coolant selection
> for the IDI diesels. TDIs, or at least mine, call for G12 coolant.
> Recently I changed a thermostat on a 2000 Dodge minivan, where there
> was the "red stuff" coolant. The thermostat failed mechanically due
> to metal fatigue, thus falling apart. No sign of corrosion, even when
> I viewed the failure under a microscope. The most impressive aspect of
> this job was just how clean the engine passages were. The vehicle has
> 118kmiles, and I think the interior passages and radiator were the
> cleanest I've ever seen.
> Today, as the temps continue to drop, I'm faced with putting some
> glycol into the 91NA that my daughter and I did a cylinder head on
> this past summer. I'll use the normal run-of-the-mill glycol, for now,
> but I realize that long term I need to learn more about the options.
> Anyone have some pointers?
> Val
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