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To think that professional people would try (succeed) and rip you off...In
the good old days robbers wore blue/white stripes ;o)

Shalyn what happened to your explosive seat belts?

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> > Here's what is really interesting,  i found while visiting a friends
> > repair shop, whom used a cool "snap on" anylizer, the alt is putting
> > out 14.4 volts, great! this great tool also says that somewhere in the
> > system i am giving back more voltage. discharging battery.
> > Back at my home i did the old "light in between the positive cable and
> > battery" test light. found
> > no drain of current, put the head lights on just to make sure the test
> > light worked and it did.
> Years ago, when I was in grad. school, the fairly new battery in my '80
> Rabbit died.  I took it back to the Sears where I'd bought it to get a
> new one and a refund of the pro-rated warranty.  The guy in the shop
> clamped his inductance ammeter over the battery cable and said, "Well,
> there's your problem.  You've got a 1 amp draw and that's what killed
> your battery.  We can't warranty that."  Dad was with me and said that,
> yeah, 1 amp's a lot and that's just how it is.  Bummed, I paid for the
> battery and drove home.  Hours later, I pulled out my milliammeter and
> put it in line with the battery.  Not typically the best idea because
> any real current draw would leave me with a molten meter.  I looked at
> the needle and it was swinging back and forth to maybe 10 milliamps.
> Swinging like a clock pendulum.  Clock.  Like the quartz clock in the
> dash.  Like the only device using any power whatsoever.  So, what I
> found out is that an inductance ammeter is a very expensive and
> inacurate (at low current) tool used to fool people into thinking that
> they need to buy a new battery and pay to find the current leak.
> -Shalyn
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