[Vwdiesel] Is this thing on?

William A. Thompson twogreek at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 27 05:58:58 EST 2005

I noticed the whole site down for several days too
.. even audifans.com itself ... seems they had a
software crash ... they put up a notice about it
today ...

"November 27, 2005 (Brett Dikeman):
Yep, we're back. A major software-related crash
caused one of the longest outages we've ever had.
The archives, list configurations and so on are
all safe; we lost no data, but configuring the
system is still in progress. Don't be surprised if
random bits don't work for a day or so."


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>   Just seeing if it still works. The Audifans
site appears to be down last I
> checked.
>  Hope everyone had a good holiday - at least
those of us who celebrated it.
>  Obligatorydieselcontent: Who'se going to make
biodiesel out of the leftover
> peanut oil from frying a turkey, or out of the
fat drippings?  :-))
> Lee
> Oo-v-oO
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