[Vwdiesel] Starter quick fix.... help!

Mark Shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Mon Nov 28 05:56:54 EST 2005

Hi Rod
Make sure that the starter isn't wedged on...
Put interior light on and then try starting to see if  light dims. If it
does then power is getting down to starter area. Get a thinness wire and
wedge it on to the correct terminal on the starter solenoid. Then 'stroke'
the +ve battery terminal. Ignition need not be on (you are just looking for
a response and not to start the vehicle particularly)... that will then
tell you that problem is back towards the cab.
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Hi everyone.. it's so quiet now.. almost miss the stress and disorder..

Well, first off, thanks Mark for the Xtra light wiring instruction but now
need a second idiots guide...

Starter Wiring.... I've looked this up in the archives but still not
I'm a bit wiryphobic as I set fire to my first car (peugeot 204 and
roof) after wiring up a "stereo" (Saturday morning, marketday, middle of
high street... lots of smoke etc...) So...  1983 Transporter, 1.6NA.

Turned the key, cranked one time then nothing. Tried the key again, relay
clicks but nothing from starter or solenoid. Found that the lead from the
key? was stripped and badly twisted at the solenoid end. Taped it up, tried
again... zero. The battery seems OK as all lights etc. work. I presume
are no other relays or fuses in the starter loop that have fried??

My idea is, turn the key on and short the solenoid to see if the starter
works, if it does  then install a push button start in the cab. Can anyone
please tell me how to do it...It must be simple, think 10yr old.
It's typical... I started my holidays today and this happens.... Have to do
this quick....


rod of finland (35cm snow in last 36 hours..)

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