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Mark Shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Mon Nov 28 13:28:38 EST 2005

Actually pulling it is probably the best thing to do. If its bad then it
needs to be out and if its good then you'll be relieved that its something
Just grab this:Syncro seeing as weather is bad...

I had considered a ramp or step through the new doorway
I may jack the floor up the 5mm or so by getting under there with some

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OK I'll get onto it tommorrow as it's very dark and pissing down at the mo.
(weird weather here... rain?? Should be -10C at least)

The starter is hidden under the floor at the back of the engine
Easy to release the 2 bolts but the clutch cylinder bracket has to drop out
of the way before you can get it out. I did it last year when I replaced
clutch but I've forgotton the trick to do it without removing the clutch
lever etc. A bit difficult to see without getting underneath and as there
a foot of slush on the ground I don't fancy it tonight...

Rocked the van and pulled the starter out as much as possible, didn't seem
to be anything in the way.

Re: height difference... I've met one of those... make a small ramp not a
step... no-one expects a step between rooms... not even you after living
with it for 6 months....

I always thought you could gets pills to cure those clear thought

rod of finland

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