[Vwdiesel] Starter quick fix.... help!

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Harbour freight of  Finland? ;o)
Sounds like a simple tool. Would the croc clip grip the battery terminal?
Even theM6 bolt is probably a struggle.
Where's thedanger of stroking the battery?With a diesel? A benefit is that
you see sparks if there's a circuit being made...

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When I need to remotely turn-over the engine while working on my jetta or
need to by-pass the low current side of the starter system for
troubleshooting I've found the following tool from harbor freight a real
Here's a link
Its simply a push button switch with a couple of wires and clips, easy
enough to make, but if a harbor freight store is closebye cheaper just to
go buy it.
To use it remove the small gauge slip terminal from the starter, clip a
wire to the terminal on the starter then attach the other lead to the
positive side of the battery. check to make sure the excess wire is clear
of any moving parts and push the button to crank the motor. This only
effects the starter if you want to actually start the motor the ignition
needs to be turned on. This completely bypasses the starter circuit in the
car and is safer than brushing wires across the starter or battery. Plus
the leads are small enough gauge that they should smoke before you do any
damage to the rest of the car.
Hope this helps Steve
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