[Vwdiesel] Radiator Parts Help Question

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KATE sez the AZ suffix is an unknown part number, doesn't exist in version
It might be the autohaus guys own means of differentiation between engine
applications of the same rad.(tank differences??? I dunno)

The options are almost endless dependant on engone code... used in engine
codes PF, RV, 9A , and in diesels ME, MF, 1V
191121251C is 675mm  used in 9A
191121251C is 675mm used in PF, RV
321121253AL is 525mm used in PF, RV, ME
191121253B is 675mm for MF, 1V
191121253B is 675mm for 9A with air
191121253A is 675mm for ME, MF with air
191121251 is 675mm for 1V with air

I suppose you order the part number, and supply engine code to get the right
one, as some have the same P/N but different engine application.
this is the whole list from illustration 22-00 subgroup 21, model group 1
year 91 model JEG of KATE

I just found this out the hard way with front brake carriers on the 97
Passat- TD and TDI were exactly the same, except for the slot to accomodate
the rotor.  td used solid disc, tdi used vented and wider disc, but same
calipers. suffic A versus B.  Of course I received the wrong ones so had to
have a moment or two of head scratching and detective work....  I really
detest Girling calipers now. really really. They are poorly designed, had to
live up to the full name on the caliper (Lucas-Girling) I guess.  With that
name on them, I wouldn't be surprised if new calipers now make the
headlights go out on the first use... by hitting something mind you, not the
usual Lucas electron singularity.


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My 91 Jetta NA, with air conditioning, has a leaking radiator tank.  As
near as I can tell, with the system pressurized to 18#, and cold, it's
three slow leaks from the right side of the tank.

The last radiator I put in was a VW 191 121 253A

I've bought several radiators, all purported to fit, none are right.

Autohauz has a radiator which is a 191 121 253AZ.  Can anyone tell me the
difference between the A and the AZ suffix?



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