[Vwdiesel] Relatively sudden oil consumption

Chuck Carnohan Chuck.Carnohan at itd.idaho.gov
Tue Nov 29 10:33:54 EST 2005

Interesting observations James!  In this case however, the car had
already been subjected to youngsters for about a year before mine got
hold of it.  This has been a recent development while the engine has
been run w/mucho testosterone for about 3 years. Oil consumption has
only been noticeable for about 3 months.  
Is the consensus from the group most likely broken rings or bad valve
guides/seals?  I guess my next course of action is to pull the head and
check the valves for play.  As long as it will start and run OK is there
any reason I shouldn't wait until spring for this job?


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Teenage son.
Was the P.O. an older chap that drove the car gently?
drastic changes in driving habits can cause rings to die ignobly when
con rod grows past where it is accustomed to being from the new owner
hiigher revs.  This causes the rings to hit the ridge that has worn in
previous driving habits, and the top one usually breaks.
I've seen a lot of engines die from this in the thunder stock division
the stock car world.  The car owner gets a different engine out of an
car bought from a retired owner.  He puts it into a thunder stock car,
promptly runs it at 5000rpm.  It lasts half a race.  Same motor out of a
farm truck that has had the bag driven off it all it's life will not
because the ring groove is higher on it.

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1981 Rabbit with only 60,000 original miles has begun to burn an
excessive amount of oil.  I don't drive it often as it belongs to my
teenage son but would guess it is consuming about 2.5 quarts every 3,000
miles.  The problem has gradually worsened over the summer.  When I got
this car the PO had replaced the head with a new one and did not torque
the head bolts correctly.  I noticed coolant seeping some 10,000 miles
ago, retorqued the head and have not had a problem till now.

Could this oil consumption be related to a leaky head gasket?  No oil in
the coolant.  I have no way to check compression but it is a little
harder to start than it used to be (could be glow plugs- haven't checked
but they are only a couple of winters old).

Chuck Carnohan

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