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> If 51% say Hagar leave us ? -----color me gone.
>  That's not the issue.  
>  The point isn't to leave or stay.  The point is to stay more on topic.  As 
> Scott pointed out.  We DO wander off topic from time to time BUT it is 
> either something that is found as generally and interesting topic of 
> discussion 
> or it goes for a days worth and is then turned over to p-mail for those 
> interested.  
>  Consistent, off topic posts especially when loaded with personal opinion 
> rather than something pertinent, have generally not been tolerated.  However 
> that isn't quite accurate since in the past, the posters have had the 
> graciousness to STOP posting undesired OT topics.  
>  A bit of life history that is reminded of, during a post isn't objected to 
> in 
> the least but post after post of OT, opinions (especially political) and the 
> day's non-VW events does heavily detract from the point of the list.  
>  It's quite similar to walking into a meeting about a new highway and trying 
> to turn the discussion to school funding.  Sure theres a loose link and a 
> thought or two might be tolerated but soon it would be disrupting the 
> meeting, 
> and either the discussion stops and gets back on topic or, as a last resort, 
> the party would be asked to leave.  It would not be a vote of the assembly.  
> The leader of the original discussion would simply have them removed.
>  Let's just get back on topic (for the most part.)  ;-)
>    Loren
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The authors of off topic rants will soon be ignored. Their questions to list 
members will go unanswered as we gradually stop reading their posts. Most of 
us are here for specific questions and answers and will quickly loose interest 
in off topic tirades. No need to ask civil member to leave; just stop reading 
his posts. 
It is not quite the same as a board meeting where one is in the same physical 
room with some lost soul blabbering on; here we have a choice as to what we 
read and what we delete. Knowing Hagar rattles on a bit at times, you can 
delete his post at will, or take the good with the bad - your call. 
And one individual's failure to make the connection between diesel Rabbits 
and the political scene is no criteria for world acceptance. Some of us see it 
Rant on Hagar! 

Bob in the Entire State

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