[Vwdiesel] Candles? Was: Topic limited, or people enabled? And Wheel Bearings.

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I think the term "parafin" in England is used to describe kerosene.  My
English Petter engine manual says to wash engine parts in parafin.  Here in
North America it means candle wax.  I suspect that candle wax will dissolve
in diesel fuel and be useful fuel for the diesel engine.  I suspect also
that it would raise the cloud point temperature of the fuel.  How about
scented candles?   That could potentially raise the cloud point of the
people behind breathing the exhaust! ;)

Energy shortage?  Impossible!  In most of the developed world, the exception
being England, electrons literally swarm out of the ground.

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> Ground up candles?  Why?
> I've never really understood the multi-viscosity -vs- straight weight
> issues...my education is somewhat lacking.
> And generally the rants are entertaining and usually informative.
> >
> > I get into rants on the benefits of impact (mechanical
> > shock), torches (thermal shock and disparate expansions),
> > soaking in lightweight penetrant (matrix softening and lube).
> >  Don't forget that straight weight oil has more total
> > lubrication value than multivis, because I can go on that for
> > a couple of hours.  Extra candles that the wifey doesn't
> > want?  Grind 'em up and put 'em in the tank.  They'll go to
> > good use, and the exhaust may even smell better.
> >
> -- Dan Sloan
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