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Wed Oct 5 09:52:30 EDT 2005

 They took a quart of oil, used in 
    corporate fleet equipment, and stirred in a pound of "fines"
    which is another way of saying dirt and soil and sand.
    At 70F, the oil held the pound of "stuff" and visibly flowed 
    OK, and I was told would wear test acceptably.

    The oil was chilled to 0F, and it was like tar.  I was told 
    that the same oil, at 0F would only hold about two table
    spoons of dirt.  Something like a 30:1 different going from
    70F to 0F.
What does it mean that the oil wouldn't hold the fines at 0F? Where did the excess go & how do the fines or absence thereof effect wear test?
Two years ago I was using 15w40 all year. (91 Jetta 1.6 N/A) I do all highway driving and changed oil & filter every 3,000 miles. At the 3,000 mile point that oil was beat. I could hear it in the engine. Lots of internal clattering and occasional intermittent lifter collapse at idle speed. 
WalMart sells Mobil1 for $21 US for a 5 quart bottle. After 2 years and using only my back yard perceptions, I think it is better oil than any dino oil I have ever used. Starts in cold (-20F) are instant. Cranking speed is the same as it is in summer. After 4,000 miles internal engine noises are about  the same as when I first dumped it in.  
I suppose I won't know about sludge and swarf internally til it's time for rebuild, but synthetic oil has a good reputation in that regard. We'll see. So far, I'm impressed.
Bob in the Entire State

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