[Vwdiesel] VW wins driverless vehicle contest

Val Christian val at mongobird.com
Mon Oct 10 10:43:19 EDT 2005

> The Pentagon-sponsored driverless vehicle contest has been won by a VW
> Touareg fielded by Stanford U.
> 212 klm, 6 hours plus, across the Mojave with no external instructions.
> If it's a diesel (not likely at this point) it could keep chugging along
> even if its computer was melted by an EMP. It would be like a dad on
> vacation, not knowing where it was going, and too macho to ask for directions. 

	If it's a TDI, which if it were a diesel it would either be
	that or a PD, in which case, it would be dead-in-the-water.
	The TDI is probably quite suspectable to EMP.  The local 
	dealer had one with a fried ECU after a near-by lightning
	strike.  They doubt the car was struck, because the tires 
	were intact (they typically blow), and there were no entry/
	exit scars on the paint and lower body.

	As for Dad on vacation, once everyone was settled in the car, 
	he didn't dare stop or do anything.  The peace of restful riding
	was worth being off course.

	I've been mountain-topping when there was convective activity 
	in the area.  Having all the radios get completely desensed,
	so that nothing is receivable, is the first sign of potentially
	impending doom...

> (Are we there yet?)
> Any further development would require importing the diesel version, to
> comply with the NATO unified fueling rules.
> "Drivers no longer wanted"
> Sandy
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