[Vwdiesel] transmission swaps

LBaird119@aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Mon Oct 10 11:28:03 EDT 2005

  Just take a look, all the bolt holes SHOULD be there.  Newer parts into 
an older car almost always bolt in as they tend to add holes and studs 
but don't tend to remove any as they go.  :-)  You'll need to be able to 
bolt the rear mount, which fastens under the nuts around the ring gear 
area at the back of the tranny.  You have this mount on your Rabbit.  It 
sounds like you have a 4 speed in the Rabbit currently so you'll need to 
buy a 5 speed mount.  Where your Golf mount attaches to the top of the 
top of the tranny is where it will go.  It uses two horizontal bolts and 
connects right where your current Rabbit mount goes to the body.  You'll 
need a relay arm or two for the 5 speed Rabbit application too.  You 
should be able to find the mount and rods at a wrecking yard or the 
rods should be available reasonably aftermarket.  
  Assembly will probably come out the top of the Golf easiest but will go 
in the Rabbit from the bottom.

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> Any hints, pitfalls and considerations I need to account for would be
> greatly appreciated. I should be getting an engine hoist soon so I can
> get the transaxle out of the golf and prepped (new timing belt, water
> pump, all that nice stuff)

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