[Vwdiesel] transmission swaps

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Mon Oct 10 20:06:32 EDT 2005

In a message dated 10/10/2005 2:43:23 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
explosive at hvc.rr.com writes:

> >Are the relay arms the same as the ones
> >already in the golf, or did they change between mk1/2? They're only a
> >couple bucks each online, so it won't be a big problem if they're not,
> >but if they do work then I don't have to wait or pay for shipping :)

  A2 uses a way different system at least up to the first relay shaft.  
I'm pretty sure the rods don't swap between A1 and A2.  I just took 
a look and don't see any similar part numbers.

> >Anyone have ideas on the timing belt cover? The mk2 one is nicer
> >because its only held on with clips like the air box, but if it has to
> >be switched, so be it.

  So long as it fits around the accessories and over the end engine mount it 
should work.  You'll just have to check and see.  The end engine mount/pump 
mount is the thing I'd be most concerned about.

> >Could anyone look up the part numbers on the water pump assembly for
> >the rabbit and the golf and let me know if they match up? It would be
> >greatly appreciated!

  I think I looked this up a few weeks ago and the water pump housing is 
the same for nearly ever.  :-)  There is a small hub and large hub pump 
though (for the pulley) but I think the break was about '81 there.

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