[Vwdiesel] questions about re-using stretched bolts

Mark Shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Tue Oct 11 07:57:59 EDT 2005

Reusing stretch bolts is done in some instances;  Citroen ? but you need a
spec and a new bolt to see if stretch is within limits.  Plastic
deformation will only apply to the part of the bolt not within the confines
of the block; so a 2 mm stretch is not averaged out along a 150mm bolt
(unless you are popeye  and can stretch the block too :o)  so it is a
concentrated stretch in part of a bolt only resulting in a smaller diameter
of flesh so to speak... Better to buy new  and ask for a pair of earmuffs
to deaden the awful sound during the tightening sequence...perhaps local
anesthetic for your arms so the sudden yields don't give you the willies
too (8^D)

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