[Vwdiesel] Belt tension tool

Tim Hicks emailastro at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 12 00:02:17 EDT 2005

The tool you need is not cheap. Ususally you can buy the tenisioner guage from your dealer, the right one for your car. You can buy a universal one from Northern for 249.99 and that is the cheapest I have seen. I bought mine VW Diesel 2.4 Liter on Ebay for about 80.00 I think. It might have been more. Its alot of money for a plastic tool.

mikitka <mikitka at earthlink.net> wrote:
Does anyone have a source that I can get a belt tension tool? My friend is
doing his timing belt and wants to do it by the book and use the tool. I
told him that he doesn't have to but it is his vehicle and is 350 miles from
me so I just can't go and help him like I want too.



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