[Vwdiesel] Rabbit Hatch --( and Hagas bald head #¤%& airstrut )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Oct 12 09:08:21 EDT 2005

Hagar have you never looked inside one of those hatch struts?
Why were they not incorporated on the hood(bonnet  :o)?
Mark the Miser.

Hagar sez :That lousy head-hold trap ?  what do I know.? a LOT.----very painful memories.

Summertime very big TV in trunk ---both hands needed --down comes that &%¤#" thing and
beans me and good.----After putting a band aid on the wound ---I decided that I would
NEVER trust a strut ever again-----even if brand new.

I solved the problem and shall send you a picture. --simple as Apple Pie. Why not one on
the Bonnet ?-------I say why not use the Bonnet type rod on the back ?.----for an
air-strut design that works ?  look at a Bobcat 743 ---it holds the whole roll over
structure and NEVER fails.---it has a safety latch.---little plate that locks on rod.

NO Mark I never took on apart and NEVER will --unless asked to do for FUN.


PS : I think that Yellow 1982 Bunny is mad at me for paying so much attention to young
Bunny Bondo.------first she drops the driver side door on my foot---then this ?.Driver
side door on a two door Rabbit sure is heavy.

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