RE: [Vwdiesel] Rabbit Hatch --( and Hagas bald head #¤%& airstrut )

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Fri Oct 14 02:57:13 EDT 2005

Put the strut through a piece of plastic pipe the same length as the
extended inner part of the strut. This sleeve will support the hatch by
wedging itself on the cylinder part of the strut.  (can I just do a
If you put the strut back on upside down it wedges it automatically, (or it
should..) when you open the hatch...

Most miserliest.....

rod of finland

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Hagar have you never looked inside one of those hatch struts?
Why were they not incorporated on the hood(bonnet  :o)?
Mark the Miser.

Hagar sez :That lousy head-hold trap ?  what do I know.? a LOT.----very
painful memories.

Summertime very big TV in trunk ---both hands needed --down comes that &%¤#"
thing and
beans me and good.----After putting a band aid on the wound ---I decided
that I would
NEVER trust a strut ever again-----even if brand new.

I solved the problem and shall send you a picture. --simple as Apple Pie.
Why not one on
the Bonnet ?-------I say why not use the Bonnet type rod on the back
?.----for an
air-strut design that works ?  look at a Bobcat 743 ---it holds the whole
roll over
structure and NEVER fails.---it has a safety latch.---little plate that
locks on rod.

NO Mark I never took on apart and NEVER will --unless asked to do for FUN.


PS : I think that Yellow 1982 Bunny is mad at me for paying so much
attention to young
Bunny Bondo.------first she drops the driver side door on my foot---then
this ?.Driver
side door on a two door Rabbit sure is heavy.

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