[Vwdiesel] Fuel 101 --- ( the Solvent Saga ).

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat Oct 15 10:01:57 EDT 2005

Hagar speculates :    Xylene,Toluene -----and on and on.

To a fanatic DIY ?  ---some rudimentary knowledge about SOLVENTS ---- is very desirable.

Loren got  Hagar to think about solvents ---when he mentioned Solvents added to FUEL.

Up to that point I only related Solvents to  Cleaning or Coatings.The James Hansen types
started to add solvents to gasoline years ago --for RACING.-----Sounds to me like Toluene
is popular.---NOT for more power directly -but as a knockpoint depressant.----in Diesel it
lowers Cetane rating.

Toluene  flashpoint ? --- 8   Xylene  28   ---degree C.   they are classed as  AROMATICS.

I wish one of you would write a Solvents 101 ----so I do not have to do it.

I shall however speculate on HOW and WHY  solvents wound up in  VW diesels. Be very
careful with solvents in VE pumps  and VW  fuel lines.


PS :    Hagar is  FINALLY solvent ---I owe the  IRS nothing.---they owe me.

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