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Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Mon Oct 17 23:11:33 EDT 2005

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> > Manifested as guage showing lower temps in hot weather, and higher in 
> > winter.
> > 
> Actually, I had an '86 n/a jetta whose temp gauge would read a good solid 1/4
> higher on the gauge if the running lights or headlights were on.  While driving
> if you turned the lights on you could watch the needle rise, and would similarly
> drop when the lights were turned off.  It was especially noticeable on highway
> driving at constant speeds.  It had nothing to do with the heater or weather.
> I figured it was a ground and never got around to trying to fix it.  Before
> realising that the temp was headlight related, I did "fix" quite a few items in
> the cooling system without helping the "overheating".  :-( All of my testdrives
> were at night.  :-(

One more reason to always drive with the headlights on... ignorance is bliss :-)

(although, for the record, my '85 NA reads just below the LED with the lights on - I've 
never tried it with them off).

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