[Vwdiesel] Cyl head issues

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In "The Old Days", air cooled VWs were prone to stripped spark plug holes. This was common if Never Sneeze was not used & plugs stayed in for over 10k miles.
Any how......
Common repair was a steel insert threaded in after spark plug hole was reamed & tapped to larger size.  I personally did many of these as the tap/reamer was very short & repair could be done with engine in car. Big advantage over helicoil.
I just made sure both valves were closed, piston at TDC. After installation of insert, a long skinny nozzle with compressed air was inserted into hole & all the swarf was blown out. I never had a single problem doing this. 
I would worry about grease holding some metal in cylinder where you couldn't see it or get to it, and ending up stuck on an exhaust valve seat. My prefference any how.
Bob in the Entire State
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> The insert which James is describing is already available frome Fastenal 
> http://www.fastenal.com/web/products.ex?Ne=999600186&fxfst=0&
> N=999600186+4294967278 Their picture does not show the rods which are driven 
down through the 
> outside threads to lock the insert in place.  The advantage of the EZ-Lock 
> over heli coils is that EZ-lock uses standard or metric  taps while you need 
> purchase the specific heli-coil taps.  

Couldn't you put the piston at TDC, fill the bottom of the hole with thick 
grease, grease the tap, 1/4 turn, back it out, clean it, grease it, 1/4 turn 
more, back it out, clean it, regrease it, etc...  If the tap gets close to 
bottoming out, grind down the tip some.  When finished, carefully clean out the 
grease from the bottom of the hole.  If done carefully, the head would not need 
be removed.

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