[Vwdiesel] Cyl head issues

Val Christian val at mongobird.com
Wed Oct 19 09:38:16 EDT 2005

Many times when I need a thread chaser (as opposed to a tap), I
will just take one of the parts, grind away, and use it.  For example,
I slot old head bolts, flatten and put teeth in the ends, and use
them to chase out cyl head bolt holes prior to re-heading.  I've
ground grooves in everything from lug bolts to spark plugs to help
clean threads.  No reason it couldn't be done with an old injector.
You would have to grind off some of the bottom of the injector, or
otherwise cut it off.

Back to the helicoil...the kit I remember seeing for VW diesel injectors,
was specifically for head repair, and the tap clearly was made to 
bottom in the slightly dished injector hole.


> Lol, true enough.
> Just be sure to stop halfway through and run it through as a plug tap, or it
> will break when you try to bottom it if you leave the tapered threads.
> In that size, it would be a tough one to grind away that nice shiny tool
> steel.  The sparks make dollar signs in a darkened room...
> Get a machinist to thread a chunk of drill rod, grind some notches in it for
> cutting edges with your slitting saw, heat treat, and you be a man with a
> bottoming tap...
> -James
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>     Yabbut, where do you get a bottoming tap for a helicoil that size?
>   Any tap is a bottoming tap when you take the grinder to it.  :-)
>   Andrew
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