[Vwdiesel] Alternators versus Generators --( for beginners )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Oct 23 10:51:00 EDT 2005

Hagar cuts his baby teeth in may 1945  ---on  German War machine stuff  , like BOSCH
starters and Coils and Generators .  ---VW  , Mercedes , Hoch , --BMW   and
Zundap  ---DKW    and so on. ---The German motor pool  was not well protected after  May
1945.----So I had a ball.

Mark Shepherd   why did Lucas systems earth the Pository  battery post ? -- up to that
point all cars  used 6.0 Volt systems ---bosch and lucas. ---In 1957 I got me a Nash
Metropolitan  --a sissy car --Amerikan car with a limy engine and LUCAS electrics ? --bet
your butt..   I fell in love with that little thing --but it had positive ground --and my
newly aquired radio ---needed negative ground.---thats when I found out how ignorant I was
about polarity of Generators. ( to reverse polarity is Apple pie )

The 1967  VW  Fastback  1600  dual carb   job was 6.0 Volt system.  Does anyone know when
12.0 Volt systems became standard ?---just curious.. For Kanada 24 would be a lot
better.--If electric's are mysterious to you --do NOT give up  ---I have fooled around
with Positons and Nagatrons from  1936 and I still learn a thing or two daily.--almost
said Pussytrons.---Rabbit diesel is 12.0 V  negative ground.   --but the system is a
horrible design.


PS :   why go to Alternators ?  ---to save weight mainly . To regulate an alternator
manually ?   all you need is to add a Rheostat----apple pie. I have done it since
1967 ---to get lots of charge at idle speeds.--60 Amps at idle ?   nothing to turn your
nose at ---?   Ja ?.---Get a top of the line belt.---a Wooaworth will not do. Here is a
case where the Governor in the VE  IP  really shines.

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