[Vwdiesel] New head gasket

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Mon Oct 24 21:14:09 EDT 2005

I picked up a new head gasket at my favorite parts place today for my son's

It is a Victor Reinz, made in Germany, and appears to be very good quality.

As I studied it, I noticed something I had been unaware of with the previous
4 or 5 I have changed.

The water passages in the block and head are "bean" shaped, or as my wife
would say, paisley. The water holes in the new gasket are round, quite a bit
smaller than the passages in the head and block, and are 'very?' small
around cyl #1, and quite a bit larger around #4.

I had not noticed this before. I thought the holes in the gaskets were the
same shape as in the metal.

After some contemplation (no Zen) I figured the holes around #1 were smaller
because it was closest to the water pump outlet, therefore these would limit
the flow a little at the front of the head, and the large holes at the back
would encourage more flow the length of the block, heading for the exits,
resulting in the same net flow around each cylinder top in the head.

I guess people out there really are thinking. This is something new to me,
but it makes sense. Passive distribution equalization of the coolant.

A good job for one of those remote IR meters (I have to get one) Good for
checking glow plugs too.
I'll snap a pic of it before installing, for the archives.


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