[Vwdiesel] Will 1.6NA head fit 1980 , 1.5 Rabbit block?

Area31 Research Facility stephensrw at stn.net
Tue Oct 25 00:55:15 EDT 2005

I destroyed my 1.5 engine in my generator plant this evening through an
electrical overload accident while trying to power an electric furnace.
While doing engine diagnostics I managed to break part of the threaded
material around #4 injector away from the head.  I don't know but I have a
fear I may have cracked the crank.  In case I didn't I was wondering if I
could put a head on this engine from an early 80's 1.6 Jetta engine and if
so what do I need to look out for?

As this is already the second engine I've had to install,and that included
sandblasting and painting two engines and a lot of modifications to exhaust
and block to fit my mounting scheme and man did this 1.5 run nicely! (until
this evening when I decided to do an experiment).  I'm pretty bummed out
about it. I'm back to square one, winter has just arrived and no backup
power. Shit!


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