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Playing catch-up here...  

I know there is a similar issue with some Cabriolets
that is solved by welding a large washer to the
firewall where the cluch cable goes through.  I'm
sorry I can't offer much more info specifically on
that, but hopefully it will give you an avenue to

Also, with a little practice, you only need the clutch
for first and reverse!  Clutchless shifting is a skill
that, for me, was rewarding to learn.


--- "S. Shourds" <sshourds at flash.net> wrote:

> So I bought this kayak and when I went out this
> morning to stick it on 
> top of the 2000 Jetta, I found out that there is
> absolutely nothing 
> under the car to tie the hold-down ropes to.  No
> problem, the '85 that I 
> haven't been driving much has four really convenient
> steel loops  to tie 
> loads to (Hint to VW--that was a great idea worth
> continuing).  However, 
> a quick drive in it (trying to back it out of the
> garage) reminded me 
> that I'd never fixed the clutch issues it'd been
> having.  At least part 
> of the problem is that the parts that hold the
> clutch cable to the 
> firewall all fell off.  I have a new clutch cable,
> perforated metal 
> disk, and small grey rubber ring (0.5").  However,
> none of these things 
> are of a size to stop the cable housing from pulling
> through the 
> firewall.  And, when the cable housing pulls through
> the firewall, it 
> doesn't actually disengage the clutch.  Is there
> another part in between 
> the clutch cable and that perforated (with radial
> slits) ring?  I have a 
> copy of ETAK somewhere, I'm just not exactly sure
> where and if I recall 
> correctly, it really didn't show anything other than
> those two parts I 
> already have. 
> So, any ideas, part descriptions, pictures, freely
> donated running A2 
> turboDiesels, would be appreciated. 
> Thanks
> -Shalyn
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