[Vwdiesel] New head gasket

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Oct 26 14:00:53 EDT 2005

> After some contemplation (no Zen) I figured the holes around #1 were smaller
> because it was closest to the water pump outlet, therefore these would limit
> the flow a little at the front of the head, and the large holes at the back
> would encourage more flow the length of the block, heading for the exits,
> resulting in the same net flow around each cylinder top in the head.
> I guess people out there really are thinking. This is something new to me,
> but it makes sense. Passive distribution equalization of the coolant.
> A good job for one of those remote IR meters (I have to get one) Good for
> checking glow plugs too.
> I'll snap a pic of it before installing, for the archives.
> Sandy

Hagar sez :    Sandy NO Zen ?   ---why not ? ----we have a modus operandi here --that
ANYTHING will be used --and NEED to be.  ----In Hagars Lair  ----Nothing  ---absolutely
NOTHING will be left out.---NOTHING.

The results ?   ---Bunny Bondo is the absolute winner in all department  as a 1984 Turbo
1.6L Rabbit --in the WORLD.-------Pray on my knees ?  yes. Waving my Wand ? --yes ---Zen ?
as soon as I know what it is ?--Yes.   ----Read my lips ---NOTHING is too crazy to try
here. ----Now for the gaskets ?  you just learned that ALL diesel makes have problems with
HEADGASKETS.  and cooling FLOW.

I NEVER throw out old gaskets rings valves orings NO NOTHING.  ----I can then go back and
see what they changed.----And GM's V8 Rocket diesels is a case to study in details. Nobody
in the world  spend more money on a diesel design than GM.----and FAIL in the end.
Cooling was modified by holes in Gaskets ----very smart way IMHO.  ---- The VW design is a
masterpiece  ---like a Stradivarius ---very delicate and you MUST learn how to play
it.----BUT when you hit Carnegie Hall ?  ---boy oh boy does she sing. I said it many
times ---dollar for dollar ---NOTHING is better for a DIY ---like Hagar.
But back to the GM ---I pray on my knees that a relative of the chief engineer ---Bob .
Dorshimer.          Shows up in this forum.   I like to tell them how close they were to
the best engine of all time.---I have how many here ?   10 ?  maybe more. --- And yes
Sandy Cameron ---those IR thermo systems did the trick.---Get rid of those HOT spots up
top.   I borrow one from a BIG rig operator who is a close --very close friend.----Friends
like Him are very precious indeed. I am so blessed.----BUT like I said   --If you are a
friend ?  --you have friends. From 1962 to 2005  ---that is a class A one friendship IMHO.


PS : I will NEVER fail him  ---and I will never be left behind by his family . IMHO.As to
" ZEN " ?   was that not what Chester Carlson ---practiced ? The guy with Swedish roots
from Seattle WA  ---the Zerox inventor ?   What a Scanderhoovian ?  what a man and
compassionate Human being. ? Val Christian and the Volks at Kodak knows about him --that
is for sure. (Kodak blew it)

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