[Vwdiesel] Katrina category five ripoff in Toronto gasoline prices!

Area31 Research Facility stephensrw at stn.net
Thu Sep 1 00:37:54 EDT 2005

Regular unleaded gasoline jumped as much as $1.20 a gallon at some gas
stations in Toronto Canada between yesterday and today as a result of
greedy, opportunistic operators using the Katrina hurricane US oil shortage
as their excuse.  That product is now about $6 CDN per imp gallon.

I needed almost a full tank (a 10 gallon fill) of diesel yesterday in my
'91, 1.6TD Jetta and found a station that had a price somewhat better than
anyone else on my parts trip to Barrie for my genset project yesterday.  I
filled up for 92.9/litre.  That's $4.22 CDN per IMP gallon. What a bargoon!
:(   I don't know what diesel prices here did today as I didn't go out.  I
logged 503 miles on that tank and it was not empty yet on exactly 10 gallons
imperial.  That was 50.3 MPIG.  I sure am glad I bought that car and
completed the repairs necessary to put it on the road when I did!


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