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No starting problems, at least non that I'm aware of. It starts right up
cold and takes a second longer to start when warm, but it has always done
that. The IP has been overhauled, for what it cost me it better not be bad.
:(  Can I adjust that lever stop that the throttle lever rests on or does it
mess with something inside the pump?


Check your fuel lines for bubbles. Also, could be your FI pump is on its way
south.  Your symptom sounds like something I've seen trying to start my 1.5
NA in my genset that makes it a hard starter.  When I got the engine the FI
pump was in terrible shape.  Fortunately it recovered and now works great
except for this little quirk. Below a certain RPM on starting (throttle at
idle stop) the pump doesn't seem to be able to get enough pressure and fuel
delivery to the injectors and the engine shudders and almost dies.  Rev it
up a bit and the problem clears quickly as fuel pressure climbs and things
start to work.

Are you noticing any starting difficulties also?


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> Its not the clutch dragging very slightly when depressed is it?
> Miser
> I'm getting a real harsh vibration for a split second when ever
> I push the
> clutch in and come to a stop. It only last for a second or so
> and then idles
> fine. It is like the engine is going well below idle and then
> coming back up
> to idle.  I have adjusted the idle on the pump and that seemed
> to help but I
> don't want to turn it up more because it already seems to be on
> the high
> side for an idle speed. I noticed that it wouldn't do it if I
> kept my foot
> on the accelerator slightly as to not let it go all the way back
> to the
> stop.  Can I adjust that stop to keep it slightly up from where
> it is now?
> Will that hurt anything?  I always thought that was the idle
> adjustment but
> was told it wasn't. Just filled up tonight, diesel is at $2.79 a
> gallon now.
> Nick
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