[Vwdiesel] air filter housing (need hillbilly engineering)

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Tue Sep 6 17:48:35 EDT 2005

Mark LaPlante wrote:
> No VWs to speak of in the yards I've found around here (mostly Fords and 
> Chevys). I went by one this morning that I know has a VW pickup. The 
> instrument panel said Diesel Fuel only just as I remembered, but it had 
> a gas engine installed (and no air box anyhow).
> I have kept calling several dealers and finally found one that didn't 
> interrupt me when I said "82" with an 
> older-than-90s-can't-help-you-attitude and he said he can order it for 
> $47 shipped to my house. May end up going that way, but still interested 
> to see the ideas that come up here, especially if I can make it easier 
> than stock to replace the air filter..

Try http://www.car-part.com/ for some junkyard links.

I was able to repair the one in my '81 with some adhesive to build up the attachment points and to hold the clips in place. 
Also I find that the old K&N fileter I run fits the best of any I have tried.  It holds in place in the air box while you get 
the cover in place and clipped.  I had problems with other paper filters either having too small a gasket and falling out or too 
large a gasket that made it hard to get the colver clipped.


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