[Vwdiesel] Chicks talking diesel, company for Mark's wife

Val Christian val at mongobird.com
Thu Sep 8 08:44:25 EDT 2005

> I tried to persuade the Missus to go for a holiday to Canada and USA  for a
> change. She was all for it until  I mentioned that we could drop by some of
> the friends I've met on the forum. "WHAAAAT" she said "And listen to a
> whole bunch of men talking about diesels??" ...Well I said we could look at
> the picturesque countryside "WHAAAT" she said "And have you looking at and
> taking photos of all the trees?" Ha I do tend to do this when we go to bird
> sanctuarys! Of course I am a member of KEW...
> ... So I have to work on her...
> Miser

Your wife can expect one chick to talk diesels.  My 16 yo daughter
changed a cylinder head on the 91 Jetta this summer.  Her driving
has been hampered by a broken wrist (from basketball), and an
appendectomy (last week), but the cast comes off the 21st, and 
her trainer is working on building the abs up again.  Her first 
love isn't diesels, but as she puts it, it's cheap transportation 
to basketball, and the guys are always amazed that she can talk 
about the nuances of injection timing on a compression ignition 
engine.  On the other hand, if there was a 6' 1" babe who demanded
my attention, i'd listen too.  Being blond helps.  Being able to 
dunk chinches it.

For reference, tell your wife we're about an hour from Niagara Falls,
and my wife says that Niagara-on-the-Lake has good shopping.
There's also an aviary on the Cdn side of the Falls.


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