[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 215 --- ( Luke skywalker and Hagar )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Sep 15 22:23:45 EDT 2005

In a sort of bazzar way theres a Jedi feeling in this, perhaps what Hagar
is saying to all that ask for a quick fix in Hillbilly tunig is "use the
force luke".
Thanks Steve  (Steve Boser)

Hagar sez  ---Boser  right on and that is intentional ---Harry Potter stuff ----- I am a
steely eyed old military man , NOT a bleary eyed dreamer. ---or a religious nutcase.

BUT  ----I have delt with a LOT of things that defy --logic analytical exhamination. --and
I say that the human mind is a very very complex thing. ---Hillbilly Tuning is a process
that uses ALL the senses --like sound , feel,smell , sight etc etc  and the FORCE.  ----
Does Hagar know what gave him all this wonderful SMILEAGE ?  --for sure for sure --but his
command of english is not up to explaining it.---So  I do my best.---and hope that someone
with a really good command of english will rewrite it.

I was dragged to see Starwars  ----and due to the humor --I really enjoyed it. --and the
first Harry Potter----film ?  great tale.  -----a trip to the Ward # 6  in
openhagen  ---was a real eye opener ----those people in there were not as crazy ---as some
of the people in Parliament.----- Anton Chechov  makes for good reading.


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