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Tell you what boys, that D Ferguson is one crafty fellow that stays on
top of the current culture.  Myself, Hagar, Sandy, Loren, Miser....
OLDSKOOL for sure.  Doug F. makes us all appear to be in a time vacuum.

PHANTASMAGORIA is defined as follows:  A shifting series or succession
of things seen or imagined, as in a dream.

PHANTASMAGORIA is also a digital game like Nintendo or X-box- you know,
the kind of thing that kids play all the time now instead of learning
how to do something useful.

Yes, I'm a codger and at 50 years of age- likely one of the youngest
fellows involved with this link!  

Diesel content must be met.....   Crude is still at record highs and I
read in Lancet that George W. Bush is decidedly the healthiest elected
official that the U.S. has ever seen.  Now this is a really good thing
in that; should something happen to Dick Cheney, George W. is physically
able to take charge!  

Chuck Carnohan

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PS, jeesh Hagar, all I wanted was some timing and injector specs

Doug Ferg

Ok  Ferguson  -- you are on my MUST read list  ---and here are the
answers without the

Yes I have every type of timing tool at my disposal.--except the
transducer for the strobe

I move the pumps like crazy --so I never bothered with backtracking to
the dial indicator.
BUT --I can say this --I run the pump on Bunny Bondo as far retarded as
possible.--Half a
pencil line further and she takes up smoking --eh making fog on startup.
I know you got a
Rotax 503 ?   --timing  that engine I use the Dial indicator in the
sparkplug hole.---you
got it all over Hagar ---who is not even a mechanic.

Setting the injector cracking pressure ?----yes I have a proper
professional tester. . And
I set the pressure at the high end of the tolerance --just like James
Hansen.-----2365 psi
for Bunny Bondo.

The absolute must in TUNING is to test the dynamic advance to see that
it works  100%.

Chuck Carnohan  ( my literary guardian )    what exactly does that fancy
word in subject
line mean ?


What got us on the Moon ?  ---I shall deal with that one some other
time.----I looked at
the film Apollo 13 many times ---somebody in Houston did a fair bit of
MAGIC --Ja ?

Know that I am a compulsory joker----not a meanie.or a closet mechanic.
So Ferguson tell
us how your timing advance works.--And please do blotter testing.


PS : and adjusting Injectors is PIA job up here ---the thin shims are
expensive and takes
time to get here.--in the Bush.

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