[Vwdiesel] TD Westy - First driving impressions

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 17 17:34:18 EDT 2005

Since I didn't install a preturbine EGT thermocouple while the exhaust
manifold was out, "I'm kicking myself hard because of that stupid mistake" I
can put one in on the new down pipe I just had made. How much of a
difference is there in temps? I have noticed that my smoke has gone down to
just about Zero since I put on the nice breathable 2.5" exhaust. I do get a
really nice cloud of smoke on every cold start up though. It starts great,
nice and quick even with the cold start cable, I in just get smoke.


> but also getting 900rpm EGT on short hills, so I may 
> need to back off a bit.

  1050F is pretty nearly acceptable by anybody you ask.  That covers big 
rigs too but that's the limit so they shy down from it.  I'd settled on

pre-trurbine as an absolute max, which means you rarely go over 1100F.  
Someone confirmed that 1250 - 1300F pre and 100F less post turbine was 
ok on the VW diesels.   I always like to leave a little more "room" than I'd

normally use just in case you need that little extra for a minute or less.  
come in VERY handy in this State what with the people that drive 45mph 
until you get to a passing lane and then drive 70mph all on an easily 60mph 
road.  Even I would keep it a little lower in a Vanagon though.  Probably 
1150F on a long, steep hill, loaded, in the summer.
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