[Vwdiesel] Turbo talk for beginners ---( yes Hagar is a beginner )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Sep 18 11:53:50 EDT 2005

Hagar is talking about Shawn Wrights turbo. ----  there is a funny twist to this
tale ---Bunny Bondos   1.6L Turbo  "Garrett"    1884 Rabbit engine  --nearly wound up in
Shawn's lair. ----Like originally Val Christian and I agreed that it was one more thing to
go wrong. --Keep a Rabbit simple.----So much for that wisdom.
Then I discovered that these little Jewels  ----chews carrots better with about 5 Psi
boost at any power setting.----I suspect is has to do with vortex and lots of
oxygen.---after all it is a "Swirl Chamber"  engine.

Shawn we do have a " Tubo Gang "  here ----similar to the PUMP GANG  of witch I am one. as
you can see Dough Boy  Ferguson is one of them. ---I know that Loren is one ----and there
are more.

There is a turbo place in Vancouver BC  that represent Garretts  and I talked to them on a
toll free line one day. --- You put so much work--uh sorry Playtime  in to that
cutie --don't you think she deserves a brand new Garrett ?----if  Bunny Bondos  tubo packs
it in --she gets a brand new one -NO delay. --it can be used on the next Rabbit if
needed.---   Scott Kair ----told me to at least try the turbo , before getting rid of
it. ---I am a complete convert now --THANKS SCOTT.--et.al.

Anybody who has a Garrett in the box brand new for a Rabbit 1984 1.6L  turbo engine  I
Hagar will pay TOP price ---that is how much I like that whining noise  ---the great sound

Funny thing -- that Turbo in Bunny Bondo cleaned itself up by running in super lean for a
year.--when I got it it hardly moved , it was that SOOTED up.--damned good thing I
procrastinated in trying to clean it.
Funny thing  Dough Boy suggested  polishing the impellers --and he was right --they must
be clean to really work. --Being a flyboy    means I know a bit about airflow --or ?
gasflow ---bet your butts.
If you know about ICING at night ?    -then you know as well.

I even had icing on the rotor of the Bensen Gyrocopter ---no crapp.--top that one ?


PS : one of our  turbo gang had one sitting on the shelf as a bookstop --for years.Lucky
bastard --he got it on Ebay for about 300 dollars.----them days are gone.

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