[Vwdiesel] Runaway VW diesel Lore.-- ( from runaway gang member Hagar )

Mark fairlane at springcom.com
Mon Sep 19 16:33:09 EDT 2005

Wife has just commented that she appreciates somebody siding with her 
for once...

Also laughed quite a bit at your comments.

She indicated she doubts there's no damage based on the amount of oil 
and size of puddle running out of the exhaust...  I have to admit I concur.

H . Hagar. wrote:

>As you may recall, the wife was driving
>down a rural road about 2 miles from here, and the engine started racing away.
>Mark Fairlane.
>Mark I looked for that thread  ---never could find it in archives.      IMHO   she did the
>right thing.----further  I nominate her for Honorary Membership in the Runaway VW diesel
>>From her point of view ?  --get the Kids out --to hell with a diesel.----
>Mark have you ever had a full runaway  personally ?   ----I have.     --and the Noise and
>SMOKE is incredible.----- now to be smart   give her a course in how to handle a
>runaway ---ALL the info can be found in this forum. -----NOT simple let me tell you.
>Give the lady a BIG hug and reassure her that she is more important than a little lousy
>German diesel.-----------and like mine ?   you may find NO damage ?.---mine was a 1980
>1.5L NA Rabbit.   I know Jack about Passat  1996 TDI's.
>BUT   I do know this ---  Most runaway VW's   gets the fuel from the lube sump.     all
>that is to be found in archives.------I Hagar absolutely HATE   all that resirculation of
>exhaust and fumes from crankcase.
>Hagar :
>PS : how old are the kids ?  and how many ?.
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