[Vwdiesel] [vanagon] catalytic converter

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Mon Sep 19 23:43:17 EDT 2005

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ctonline at webtv.net writes:

> <<What are the advantages-->>
> Very low exhaust back pressure.
> The Van will run better than you've ever known before.
> << or disadvantages >>
> Ahh--depending on where you reside, if you have to have the vehicle
> emissions tested you will have to have the converter on the Van or
> you'll flunk the test.
> So--here's what I did and it passes every time--
> Gut the converter, and put it back on.
> Your done, and the engine will thank you for the free breathig exhaust.

No comments regarding social responsibility, killing off the future 
generations, global warming or the environment, hmmm.  Obviously the Powers that Be who 
enacted the emissions laws were sadistic fellows who just wanted to rob the 
public of much deserved HP and performance.


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