[Vwdiesel] Making a 1.6 VW diesel into a 0.8 L twin for small genset

Area31 Research Facility stephensrw at stn.net
Mon Sep 19 23:46:13 EDT 2005


There was no fanfare and no post.  You didn't miss anything.

This project has been such a pain in the a**.  I broke my thumb in a stupid accident trying to unstick that stubborn piston.  I have it running but am not happy with it.  It shakes and hollers like a noisy monster and constantly soils it's diapers with oil.  I I feel like I made a mistake giving a monster new life.  Time will tell if I am able to tame it suficiently to use it.

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    After working on it's 
    restoration all summer I now have it running and it can actually make almost 
    6 kW when pushed into the black smoke realm.

  So where was I?  Did I miss your previous post of your excitement about getting it running?  I hadn't heard more since the piston was stuck. 


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