[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 220 ---( Diesel and Danish ? )

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Thu Sep 22 10:23:38 EDT 2005

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Subject: Rabbit droppings # 220 ---( Diesel and Danish ? )

> Sandy Cameron got me going on this one ---  " Coffee and Danish " --a sinful thing.
> Does German diesels and Danish pastry mix ?---are you kidding ? IT is a perfect
> combination.Read on.
> I am a Dane and when I came to Amerika in 1953  a lot of friends wanting to please me
> (that's what I thought)  ---said we will take you out for Coffee and Danish.---I said OK
> lets go ----Coffee was  SUPERB  ---   but the DANISH ?   ---I did not complain   , but
> this day 2005  I wondered why it was called a DANISH. ---thanks to Sandy Cameron and a
> google search ---I now have the answer.----WOW.    Interesting.
> For the connection to Diesels ?   yes .  All DIY Rabbit fixers spend way too much time
> fooling around in the garage according to the female Volks. --SO ?--enter Coffee and
> Danish---get it. ?   so when you see 500 500 500 500  ?---wash your hands and march
> in and look her straight in the eyes and say --lets do something absolutely
inful  --lets
> go for Coffee and Danish.
> BUT not just anywhere. ---find the real McCoy in your part of the world.---yes they are
> there in small shops. ---To find ?  ask if they use REAL whipped cream . ----and REAL
> butter --not margarine.---trust me they still exists.---They ALL speak with an
> ccent.  ---In London UK it is a piece of Apple Pie---you can't miss them.---In Denmark
> can't get away from them. IMHO the Germans are still # 1 in diesels  and the Danes are
> still # 1 in pastry. (1985).
> And for you Canola drivers ?  --wow it opens up a totally NEW possibility ? Ja ?.
> Hagar.
> PS :   sinful , decadent ? yes  they can even be found  in the BIG APPLE    in Entire
> State.
> Answer ? --Danish no longer means from Denmark  ---it means pastry. I love Boston Cream
> Pie.- but that for another day.

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