[Vwdiesel] Oil in expansion tank

Eyvind Spangen 200q20v at bluezone.no
Sun Sep 25 20:53:17 EDT 2005

My '86 1.6TD shows some oil in the expansion tank. Not mixed with coolant, 
just on the inside of the tank itself. Not a lot either, but it's sticky an 
oily. I'm thinking head gasket. Now, is it usually sufficient to replace the 
head gasket, ensuring the head is straight, or is it common with a cracked 
cylinder head too? The engine runs great, pulls strong and does not smoke at 
all, any color.. No overheating either. Just this oil in the expansion tank. 
I just bought the car (got it really cheap) and I don't know how long the 
oil has been there. Car/engine has got almost 300k miles.. :)


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