[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 218 ---( Poverty opinion fromHagar )

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And every social reorganiser of money or anything else hates the concept of 
a republic. Only ignorance from having been subverted through their public 
school education ( until June of last year, when I retired, I had 19 years 
as a public school teacher) will keep those who want a democracy from 
realizing that the document was written to separate the responsibilities of 
the states from the responsibilities of the federal government.

It was the responsibility of the governor of the state of Louisiana and the 
mayor of NewOrleans to commandeer every school bus in the , every public 
transit bus, every taxi,every rent-a car and get those people out of harm's 
way....not any federal agency of any kind.

The Democratic party in Louisiana ( and other places) has a vested interest 
in keeping the people beholden to them.If they ever attempted to create self 
respect through accomplishment rather than gratuitous hand outs (aka-buying 
votes), they would not have their on-going Huey P.Long style of corruption. 
You don't see a lot of Rabbits in The Swamp State. You do see a lot of 
wiesel (sic) power, however.

Those storms are not prejudiced, there were many different races and 
nationalities who were equally devistated. Only one race has a higher 
exploitation value than any other. As it was with slavery, the exploiters 
were of the same skin colour.
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> Poor kids in Georgia can not get schooling --in order for the RICH in 
> Dallas
> to cavort all
> over the world on VACATION.
>  The "problem" is that this is a representative REPUBLIC not a socialist
> nation (officially that is).  It's against the constitution for the Feds 
> to
> out and
> out take something from one state to give to another as the states are
> technically individual republics.  The federal government has far 
> overstepped
> it's bounds as defined in the Constitution, by a huge margin. (speaking in
> general.)
>  It's not the Presidents job to meddle in the daily affairs between 
> states,
> that is the governors' jobs.  As well as calling in the National Guard. 
> It
> doesn't matter whether the President is D, R or what have you.  The press
> is simply having a heyday with it to make him look as badly as they 
> possibly
> can whether things are his fault, responsibility or not.
>  Did anybody else notice that while TX had already evacuated and requested
> the national guard that LA still hadn't at least a full day later?  You'd
> think
> that governor would've at least learned the first time!
>  Life's not fair.  I certainly don't want any form of government trying to
> make
> it so according to their definition.
>     Loren
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